Tuesday, 27 November 2018


The new Dr Who series is absolutely brilliant. It seems to be working its way through a whole number of social issues, taking in the British partition of India/Pakistan in 1947, the Montgomery Bus Boycott of the American civil rights movement of 1955 begun by Rosa Parks; the morality of companies like Amazon, and most recently a history of the Pendle witch trials in 17th C. Lancashire. This was of particular interest because of the memories my mother had of Pendle Hill, where she used to go for picnics as a girl. Jodie Whittaker is definitely the best Dr Who ever; she pours her soul into the role, and carries us with her on the Tardis to these brilliant locations.

On the news tonight is an item about the polluting effect of cattle, burping their methane into the atmosphere and adding to global warming. We will never be a world of vegans, worthy though this might be, and even we vegetarians enjoy our cheese and butter, so I mustn't be hypocritical; but meat generates eight times more methane than dairy, so just being vegetarians must help the planet a bit. I do think meat eaters might consider going meat free one day per week: surely that is not too great a hardship?
Grandad-John has been censored!!

Talking about global warming brings me round to safeguarding the future for our children and grandchildren. I mentioned to them that Ann had censored one of my blogs recently (see Letter from Colorado), so one of them produced this version of Daily News. They are so clever with their apps; I wouldn't know where to start making a picture like this!

But continuing the theme of averting global warming, perhaps one of the Dr Who series could be a trip into the future, exploring a world where warming runs wild.  Jodie Whittaker has so much developed the social message in Dr Who, she might be willing to give support to anything that could help reduce the disaster that seems to be awaiting the world. It could be called "Warm of the World".

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